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Oak Meadow's Girl's
Jolie OFA (GOOD) & Elbows are Normal.

Jolie is a very well bred, healthy girl, She has produced some incredible puppies crossed with Jordan. Born in Ohio & bred by Sadie Moore @ Windswepthill Labs.
She flew here with her brother Drifter to join the pack at Oakmeadows..
She is a sweetheart & loves her life here on the ranch!
Oakmeadows Hurricane

Hurricane is a 2 yr old Jordan/Jolie daughter. She is a big gorgeous girl who loves playing with the big dogs! Hurricane just had her 1st litter of puppies & is a great Mom!
Her pedigree is awesome!
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Oakmeadows Tsnami Alert

Tsnami is a beautiful girl & sister to Hurricane. She looks just like her Mom Jolie but I think she is prettier with her gorgeous double coat & real dark pigment. We will be breeding Tsnami to Dexter Soon! E-mail me to be on the waiting list..
Oakmeadows Dreamy Eyes Crystal (Crystal)

Crystal is Jordan & Pinky's beautiful white daughter . She is a couch potato & prefers staying inside to going outside to play ball with the crew. She "tattles" on the others if they are bad & is the smartest of the pack. She has an awesome pedigree.
Crystal Is Now Retired.
MJ's Lovin in Bermuda at Oakmeadows (Lovey)

Lovey was born in Illinois out of a handsome English black male & a well bred English chocolate girl...She is still a puppy but will be bred to Drifter when she turns 2.
She is a big showy girl with a gorgeous shiny black coat! I'm looking forward to the puppies she will produce.
Oameadows Raven

Raven is a coal black daughter of Jordan & Hershey. She can run like the wind & plays a good game of ball..She will produce huge gorgeous puppies.

Our Up-Coming Girls
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